The Swedish Kendo Federation is managing the examination registration. Rules and regulations can be found here(Swedish).

Direct any questions to isak.rubensson@gmail.com


To register for Dan-examination, please complete and submit this form (opens in new window) before end of 2022-09-22


  • If you apply for 1 dan – you shall bring two passport-photos of yourself
  • If you are a member of the Swedish Kendo Federation
    • Bring your EKF “Yellow card”, if you have it.
  • If you are a member of an EKF affiliated organization, other than Sweden
    • you shall collect the examination approval from your national federation (they will approve it in EKF systems) and
    • bring your EKF “Yellow card”, if you have it.
  • If you are a member of an non-EKF organization

Examination subjects

First subject is Nihon Kendo Kata. If applicant passes the Kata test s-/he will move on to Kirikaesehi and Jitsugi.

Exam forNihon Kendo KataKirikaeshiJitsu gi
1 danTachi 1-5Yes2 x 1 min
2 danTachi 1-7Yes2 x 1 min
3 danTachi 1-7, Kodachi 1-3Yes2 x 1 min
4 danTachi 1-7, Kodachi 1-3Yes2 x 1,5 min
5 danTachi 1-7, Kodachi 1-3Yes2 x 1,5 min


Exam forApplication fee (SEK)Registration fee (SEK)
1 dan150200
2 dan200300
3 dan300500
4 dan500700
5 dan7001000


The application fee Shall be paid in advance, payment shall be in SEK and made out to to the Swedish Kendo Federation.

The registration fee Shall be paid on-site after successful examination. Payment shall be made in cash with SEK (even sum, no change) or with Swish (Swedish residents)

Note: All bank fees shall be covered by the payee. Please make sure that the amount transferred to the federation is correct.

Paying from Sweden

Mottagare/RecipientSvenska Kendoförbundet

Paying from abroad

RecipientSvenska Kendoförbundet
AddressÖlandsgatan 42
S-116 63 Stockholm
IBANSE12 8000 0832 7970 4708 3584

Note: Bring a receipt or equivalent to the examination as proof of your payment